How to prepare for the defense of the master’s thesis?

If your work is already written, approved by the promoter and submitted to the dean’s office with a set of necessary documents, you only need to defend your master’s thesis. Some people think that this is only a formality, because everyone will defend themselves. Even if it is true, remember that the final grade of the master’s thesis is part of the defense, and that means that how you present yourself and your work may affect the grade on the diploma. It’s best to start preparing the month before the defense.

A month before defense

At every defense of the thesis, the supervisor and reviewer ask 3 randomly selected questions about the knowledge in the field of study. The list of questions is given no later than one month before the date of submitting the work. Test your knowledge and try to answer every question without preparation. If the questions are difficult for you, look for answers in the textbooks.

Two weeks before the defense

Read your work once again. Pay special attention to the problems, research problems, hypotheses and conclusions from the research. You certainly need to know why you chose this topic and if you encountered any difficulties while writing. This is the most frequently asked question for students during defense.

Present your work to a friend, mum, dad, sister and ask them to ask a few questions that may appear during the exam. It is also worth asking friends who defended themselves with the same reviewer, what defense he looks like, what questions he asks and what he points out. You still have time to prepare for surprises.

A week before the defense

Take care of the appropriate appearance – prepare the clothes, go to the hairdresser, beautician, etc. Rather, you do not want the promoter and reviewer thinking that you do not attach much importance to the event and the diploma through an inappropriate or sloppy look. Knowledge knows, but clothing is your showcase and expresses respect for those gathered for the defense of people. It’s best to bet on the classic dress code.

For students, we recommend choosing a white (beige) shirt without prints, black (gray, brown, navy blue) pants or a skirt. Classic suit trousers with a crease or a simple pencil or trapezoidal knee-length skirt will be the most suitable for this set. Also put on tights (necessary!)

And an elegant jacket matching the color to the other wardrobe. From shoes, it’s best to choose elegant slippers with low heels or practical moccasins. Of course, you can suggest fashion, so that you can look elegant and classy, ​​but avoid extravagance, flashy colors and overly defiant fashions.

Students have easier, because the choice of men’s wardrobe for defense is not so diverse. Gentlemen should choose a classic suit, preferably in a dark suit, a light shirt (perfectly ironed!), Leather formal shoes and dark socks (suit color). Optionally, you can choose tasteful accessories: tie, watch, belt.

Two days before the defense

Make sure you have everything prepared, know the time and place of defense. Think about the flowers for the promoter and reviewer, but before that make sure that they will definitely accept this gift as a thank you.

Day of defense

Get up earlier, get ready and relax. Do not read any questions or work anymore, you will not learn anything anymore. Good luck!