How to choose a thesis supervisor?

The promoter’s task is to direct the work of the future master’s degree, providing guidance on the substantive and technical issues of the thesis. University staff will certainly allow you to choose a supervisor from among several, a dozen or so doctors and professors. Are you wondering which one to choose? We advise how you will find out that the promoter will meet your expectations.

What is certain is that the promoter should be helpful first of all, but sometimes it is difficult to assess which doctor or professor will be so. Based on the observations and opinions of other students, it is very likely that you will be able to help the writing of a job.

The perfect supervisor of the diploma thesis
When choosing a promoter, answer a few questions.

What are the topics of interest for the potential job promoter?

For example, if you want to write about city sociology, choose a doctor or professor who is also interested in this topic. You can be sure that he will be more likely to help you, provide interesting sources and give valuable tips.

Does the doctor / professor readily use modern technologies?

If you know that the promoter does not use the e-mail box, do not read the work in electronic versions, you can be sure that cooperation with him will be difficult because you will be able to meet him only during the agreed consultations, each time you will be confronted with printed work on which the notes will be applied by hand.

Is the dissertation supervisor late or does not come to lectures and meetings with students?

Unfortunately, some professors think that the university and students are for them, and not the other way around. Do not choose a promoter who does not respect students, because then you may find that you will be searching for ways to contact them for months.

Is the promoter too meticulous or distracted?

This is a good sign when the promoter is happy to help in writing a job, gives advice, applies numerous corrections, because it shows that he is a professional. However, there are promoters who are constantly improving the text and making it difficult to write a job. Rather, do not choose a promoter who changes the topics of work one month before the defense, he is hesitant and each time suggests other changes.

It may happen that you will not personally know the promoters proposed by the university, because you did not have classes with them. However, you can ask among colleagues from other groups or study in other directions or consult with students who have already been defended.