Bachelor’s thesis on pedagogy

Choosing a diploma thesis topic can be a real challenge for you. Some promoters present a list with topics already at the first class and suggest that students choose one of the suggestions. Then the matter seems simpler – you choose a topic that will be “sure”, the promoter will not reject it.

Bachelor’s thesis on pedagogy – how to choose a topic?
In a situation where you have to choose the topic yourself, everything gets complicated. You do not know what theme the promoter will like, and moreover, pedagogy is an extensive field of science and it seems that everything has already been written about it. Are you sure? Note how important today is the new teaching methods or developmental problems of children. Once pedagogy focused on other aspects than today, and thus, certainly there are still topics that can provide interesting knowledge.

Bachelor’s thesis with pedagogy exemplary themes
Familiarize yourself with our proposals, maybe you will be interested in a topic:

  1. Motivation of students with Asperger syndrome.
  2. Responsibility of early school education teachers for students’ academic performance.
  3. Possibilities of professional development of pre-school education teachers.
  4. Diversity of teaching methods as an opportunity to equalize the level of education among primary school students.
  5. Influence of exorbitant expectations of parents on school problems among junior high school students.

Before you decide on a topic and present it to the promoter, consider whether you will be able to collect materials and conduct research. For example, if you want to investigate how children deal with specific disorders at school, are you sure you can reach these children or their teachers and parents? Sometimes it’s worth looking for inspiration on the internet. By entering into the search engine, for example: “Bachelor thesis early childhood pedagogy pdf”, you will certainly see many examples of work that will help you choose the topic. Check also our help in writing diploma theses.